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Children's Occupational Therapy (Northumberland)

  • Description

    This service is provided to children with functional difficulties arising from a physical disability who live in or attend school in Northumberland, up to their 18th birthday.

    It aims to enable children to attain optimal occupational performance and promote active engagement in all activities of daily living including social inclusion, self-care, school work, play and leisure.

    Functional difficulties may arise secondary to a range of conditions, for example developmental coordination disorder, muscular dystrophy, some learning disabilities and cerebral palsy. This service aims to maximise a childÂ’'s potential for independence by teaching self-help skills, providing equipment, recommending adaptations and providing advice to parents, carers and other professionals.

  • Patient types/symptoms

    Children aged 0-18 years.

  • Location

    Child Health Centre, Wansbeck General Hospital

  • Opening Times

    Monday-Friday 8.30am - 5pm

Referral Information

Referral by GP, health or social care professional (see referral guidance in useful forms section). Fax: 01670 564 053.