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Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery

  • Description

    The team of Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and Associate Specialist Oral Surgeons provide a service across the Trust with clinics at Berwick, Wansbeck and Hexham hospitals.

    Each site offers weekly outpatient treatment sessions offering procedures under general anaesthesia, local anaesthesia and sedation. Wansbeck General Hospital offers an additional dedicated soft tissue session for the timely management of minor oral soft tissue lesions under local anaesthetic.

  • Patient types/symptoms

    Lesions of the lips and oral cavity including lumps, ulcers and white patches; oral and dental pain and infection; oral and dental pathology; oral and maxillofacial trauma; salivary gland disease; temporomandibular joint pain and dysfunction; neck lumps.

  • Location

    Berwick infirmary and Wansbeck and Hexham general hospitals

  • Opening Times

    Weekly outpatient clinics at Berwick Infirmary (Wednesdays)

    Weekly clinic at Hexham General Hospital (Mondays, alternate Thursdays)

    Weekly clinics at Wansbeck General Hospital (Thursdays)

Referral Information

e-Referral or by fax to 0191 293 2571

Ms Sue Topham, Medical Secretary, Oral Surgery, Wansbeck General Hospital 01670 564184

Ms Anne Gracie, Medical Secretary, Oral Surgery, Hexham General Hospital 01434 655398

Ms Kim Brookes, Medical Secretary, Oral Surgery, Berwick General Hospital 01289 356628

Specialist Staff