Clinics & services

North Tyneside General Hospital - Diabetes Outpatient Clinic (Type 2)

  • Patient types/symptoms

    Advice on complications of Type 2 diabetes and their management (e.g. painful neuropathy, gastroparesis)

    Special situations (e.g. Class 2 driving licences, consideration of newer agents, GLP1 agonists)

    Patients with Type 2 diabetes with raised HbA1c, especially those on insulin (to offer a second opinion)

    Hypoglycaemia unawareness

    Steroids causing problems with control

    Differentiation of Types of diabetes if clinically relevant (i.e. Type 1 vs. Type 2, secondary vs. primary)

    Complex cases

  • Location

    North Tyneside General Hospital

  • Opening Times

    Every Monday am and Wednesday am

Referral Information

Via e-Referral or fax referral to 0191 2932571

Specialist Staff