Clinics & services

Wound clinics

  • Description

    To review our orthopaedic patients that have recently undergone surgery and there is a problem with
    their wound, or there are any other post-operative concerns.

    Please do not give your patient antibiotics if you think there may be an infection as we may need to see the patient back in our clinic.

  • Location

    Wansbeck and North Tyneside general hospitals

  • Opening Times

    Wansbeck General Hospital (main outpatients dept)
    Monday to Friday 9am–4pm.

    North Tyneside General Hospital (fracture clinic)
    Monday morning, Tuesday to Thursday, 9am–4pm and Friday morning.

Referral Information

Directly on number below or via surgical helpline (01670 529 431) and our nurses will be happy to make the referral for you.

To make a direct referral please call our switchboard 0344 811 8111 and ask for extension 1212 where you will be directed to press 1 and ask for your patient to be given an appointment for review at one of the clinics below:

Wansbeck General Hospital clinic code ORN 40
North Tyneside General Hospital clinic code ORN 01