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Obstetrics and Gynaecology Health Psychology

  • Description

    The Obstetrics and Gynaecology Health Psychology service offers psychological assessment and therapy for women who are experiencing emotional difficulties arising in pregnancy or as a result of childbirth, or associated with a gynaecological condition.

  • Patient types/symptoms

    1. Antenatal Health

    • Pregnancy anxiety or mood disturbance
    • Difficulties in adjusting to being pregnant
    • Fear and phobias ( for example of blood tests needed, or of giving birth)
    • When being pregnant brings up difficult issues from the past that have not previously been an issue
    • When a previous pregnancy has been traumatic
    • Pregnancy ambivalence or when termination is being considered
    • When being pregnant brings relationship difficulties

    2. Postnatal Health

    • Following a difficult or traumatic birth
    • Pregnancy loss: termination, miscarriage or stillbirth

    3. Gynaecology

    • Anxiety or fear about a gynaecological procedure or surgery
    • Female psychosexual problems following childbirth or preventing conception

    The following patients are not suitable for us to see and would be better suited being seen within perinatal psychiatry and IAPT Primary Care Mental Health Services

    • Women with a pre-existing mental health problem
    • Women with a history of or a first presentation of severe mental illness in pregnancy
    • Women with post natal depression
    • Situations where risk or safeguarding issues are a concern

  • Location

    Wansbeck and North Tyneside General Hospitals

  • Opening Times

    Wansbeck General Hospital: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday AM & PM.

    North Tyneside General Hospital: Tuesday AM.

Referral Information

By letter to the Service Lead (Lainey Fraser - please see profile below).

Referrals are triaged and so please include patient telephone contact details and identify if consent to telephone has been discussed with the patient.

If your patient is pregnant, please remember to tell us their expected delivery date and previous obstetric history.

For more information please call 01670 564 149.

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