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Medical Ambulatory Care Service (MAC)

  • Description

    Medical Ambulatory Care 'MAC' is a consultant-led service with its own dedicated area at the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital. There are many conditions that we can manage in ambulatory care in addition to our traditional pathway conditions (DVT, PE, AF, anaemia, skin and soft tissue infections) - see under patient type.

    This list is not exhaustive so please ring up if you have a patient who you feel needs to be seen urgently but may not require admission.

  • Patient types/symptoms

    Any patient who requires urgent medical assessment but does not need admission can be referred directly to MAC. Even if they are late afternoon referrals they can be seen that evening or even the following day.

    Conditions we can manage in MAC include those below, this list is not exhaustive - please call if you need advice on potential referral:
    - thunderclap headache
    - severe hypertension
    - low risk GI bleed
    - pneumonia
    - abnormal blood results
    - low risk cardiac sounding chest pain
    - electrolyte abnormalities or deranged LFT requiring further investigation/treatment but not requiring monitoring
    - toxicology - overdoses requiring a period of observation followed by mental health assessment
    - gastroenteritis - those patients requiring minimal IV rehydration prior to discharge
    - oncology patients requiring abdominal paracentesis
    - diabetic patients with hypoglycaemia requiring a period of recovery
    - stable anaphylaxis after adrenaline
    - non-stroke acute neurology
    - patients with suspected underlying infection but no clear source and not meeting sepsis criteria
    - first seizure or epileptics who are post ictal and requiring a period of recovery
    - high risk discharge follow up

  • Location

    Please note all new referrals are seen at the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital. Units at our general hospitals are for review patients only and referrals must come through the Northumbria hospital. DVT pathways are unchanged for Hexham General Hospital.

  • Opening Times

    8am-10pm, seven days a week. Last referrals taken at approximately 7pm for same day review.

Referral Information

Direct to MAC at the Northumbria hospital 0191 607 2867 (DECT phone) or 0191 607 2326 between 8am-10pm. Calls may be answered by a nurse practitioner but a consultant is readily available from 9am-7pm.

Outside of these times admission of patients is via the emergency department at the Northumbria hospital. Advice is available from the medical consultant in the Acute Medicine Unit at the Northumbria hospital from 8pm-midnight.

For direct advice call the GP hotline on 0191 203 1414

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