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Continence service

  • Description

    Providing a specialist continence promotion service for adults in North Tyneside and Northumberland, to facilitate effective management of bowel and bladder dysfunction.

    The services provide a home delivery service to supply residents in Northumberland and North Tyneside with continence products. This service is provided to residents in their own homes, residential homes and nursing homes.

  • Patient types/symptoms

    For adults with bladder or bowel problems.

  • Location

    The Victoria Therapy Centre, clinics in community locations, and visits to patients' homes or nursing homes.

  • Opening Times

    Specialist Continence Promotion Service
    Mon - Fri 08.30-17.00

    Continence product delivery
    Mon - Fri 09.00-15.00

Referral Information

Specialist Continence Promotion Service
Tel: 0191 282 8097

Continence product delivery
Tel: 0191 282 8092