Systems update for GPs - Thursday 18 May

May 18th 2017

We have worked as fast as we can to restore systems safely following the cyber attack and the large majority of our clinical systems are now back to normal. We would like to thank GPs for your support over the past few days.

GPs in Northumberland and North Tyneside who need to make an emergency admission, or require urgent advice on a patient, should now do this in the usual way through our GP hotline - 0191 203 1414.

Pathology services are now back to normal and GPs should be able to see results in ICE as normal.

Discharge summaries are coming back online and GPs should be able to see these later today.

Once again thank you for your support and co-operation.

Emergency admissions Tuesday 16 May

May 16th 2017

GPs in Northumberland and North Tyneside who need to make an emergency admission today (Tuesday 16 May) should continue to call us using any of the direct numbers below:

0191 203 1434

0191 203 1209

0191 203 1211

0191 203 1218

0191 203 1220

0191 203 1207

Urgent pathology requests - Tuesday 16 May

May 16th 2017

Our Pathology services will be under increased pressure this week as IT systems get back to normal.

GPs in Northumberland and North Tyneside are being asked to continue to send urgent blood samples only on Tuesday 16 May and to ring the labs ahead of any urgent requests on the following numbers to ensure they are received and processed:

0191 293 2591 for haematology

0191 293 2592 for bio-chemistry

Electronic discharge summary

May 10th 2017

From Monday 15 May we will begin sending the following documentation electronically to primary care as an extension of the current electronic discharge summary method:

Adult serious diagnosis notification – cancer diagnosis

Adult serious diagnosis notification – other diagnosis

Death notification (this will replace the current process of a telephone call)

Death summary document (completed as a follow up to the death notification document)

This will help ensure that you can see these documents within a matter of hours.

Please note however, that this will only apply to practices that are currently enabled to receive discharge summaries electronically. Those practices not presently enabled will continue to receive these documents via paper means.

If you have any queries, please contact the applications management team on 0191 349 9611 or by emailing